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ATEX: risk prevention

14 Jan 2020

An explosion in the workplace often has dire consequences. Activities that involve the handling of chemicals or combustible dust are the most affected. The priority is always to prevent the phenomenon from forming.


According to a study by the Caisse Nationale de l'Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers), 150 accidents resulting in work stoppage due to explosions occur each year in France (average over the last 10 years). Among these, there are on average 25 serious accidents (involving permanent disability) and 2 to 4 deaths. The severity of these accidents is often greater than that of other work-related accidents. According to the same study, in Europe there is one explosion per day in the workplace. Fortunately, since the year 2000, many measures have been put in place by companies to protect their employees from this type of incident.

Explosion can occur when certain conditions are met, including the formation of an explosive atmosphere: the presence of an oxidizer, a fuel (gas/vapors and even dust), a source of ignition and sufficient containment. Companies are becoming more aware of the risks associated with working in this type of environment, and of the type of equipment appropriate to avoid putting their employees at risk. Indeed, all equipment, electrical and non-electrical, present in hazardous areas, as well as explosion protection systems, must comply with the technical requirements related to the type of area.

These areas are defined according to the following criteria:

Zone 0 (gases and vapors) / 20 (dusts)
Explosive atmosphere present permanently or for long periods during normal operation.
= Permanent, long-term or frequent danger

Zone 1 (gases and vapors) / 21 (dusts)
Explosive atmosphere present occasionally, during normal operation.
= Occasional danger

Zone 2 (gases and vapors) / 22 (dusts)
Explosive atmosphere present accidentally, in case of malfunction or for short periods of time.
= Rare or short-term danger


At Laberine, we indicate for all our ATEX products the certificate of conformity as well as the zones for which they are recommended.

Our team of experts will advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs: tubes and floodlights, safety transformers, boxes and reels, torches and headlamps.

Each solution can be customized (type of connectors, cable length...) and we have a technical service that repairs products and provides spare parts.

Petrochemicals, food processing, maintenance, asbestos removal, water treatment, energy: customers from all horizons trust us to guarantee the safety of their employees.