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Notre-Dame de Paris: a renovation site illuminated by Labérine

13 Nov 2019


Labérine was urgently contacted to provide lighting for the renovation of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

It is with great pride that we took up the challenge!

Thus, a total of 17 600W illuminating balloons arrived in Paris in less than 48 hours, within the famous monument.


The 600W lighting balloon has many advantages:

  • Large lighting area (3700 m²) for 75 000 Lumens
  • Patented solid spring ribs umbrella opening system
  • Soft and powerful lighting (spinnaker nylon underwrap)
  • Optimal floor lighting (with top cover)
  • Very high weather resistance (IP54) and wind resistance up to 100 km/h
  • Handled by a single operator in 2 minutes

Illuminated balloons are particularly well known for their soft 360° lighting, which provides a very pleasant working environment. They have an upper or lower aluminized reflection envelope allowing to reflect all the light rays towards the ground if the layer is upper, or towards the ceiling if the layer is lower. The precision on the ground is therefore excellent.

Laberine's flares do not have a fan, they are in fact equipped with a system for opening or closing the balloon: you don't have to wait for the balloon to inflate or deflate (practical, especially at the end of the work).

All the balloons are delivered with their robust PVC case and easy to carry with their handle. They can be placed on a telescopic tripod with ballast bags or suspended with their integrated folding crane hook.

The luminous balloon can be used by all maintenance services, emergency services such as the fire department or civil security as well as by building and public works companies at night, inside or outside.

The LED technology allows to bring an ignition and an immediate restart at 100% power. It is powered by a simple 230V socket, but can also be connected to a small power generator.

Laberine supplies spare parts and also offers a repair service for all balloons.


The 600W version is supplied with a choice of

  • a ball joint. Attached to the telescopic pole, the ball joint allows the ball to be directed to a defined area improving the lighting area.
  • an aluminized reflective envelope made of glass fiber/aramid fabric on top (default) or bottom. The envelope color is available in yellow (default), orange or blue.


Among the accessories, we have a telescopic tripod allowing to go up to 4,70 m, a cover of protection of the tripod, bags of ballast for the stability, a generator type HONDA EU 10i and a ball joint. Attached to the telescopic pole, the ball joint allows the balloon to be oriented towards a defined area improving the lighting area.

It is possible to equip the lighting balloon with custom-made connectors such as Marechal Electric for certain industrial sites.

Technical specifications

  • Light power : 75 000 Lumens
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Illuminated area: 3700 m².
  • Power : 600W
  • Power cable HO7BQF 3G2,5² Lg : 7 meters
  • 1 NF/schuko plug 16A 2P+T 230V
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC/DC
  • Optimum height of use: approx. 4m
  • Delivered with the PVC protective case: Dimensions (HxD) 1140 mm x 250 mm
  • Dimensions (hxD): 600 mm x 900 mm
  • Weight : 12 kg


Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral